Our history

Our history


Trendy Rings: the reference for men's jewellery with character 🚹 

⚡️Bagues Tendances, it's the e-shop the male gender has been waiting for! ⚡️


We started from a simple observation with our Buddy Zeus*: today's men's fashion is more important than ever and it has evolved just as much as men's style.


Whoever you are and wherever you come from, we already know you and we know that you are here to style, refine and affirm your look. To share your personality more or less subtly and reinforce the mystery that surrounds you.


Well, that's why we created Bagues Tendances: to come to your rescue, like a knight in shining armour, who in one fell swoop propelled you onto our site.


*Legendary muse of character at Bagues Tendances


So we decided to create the first site 100% dedicated to men's jewellery with character in order to transmit style and virility and to follow you in your daily life, your adventures and your life experiences! Will you experience the same rise as Zeus by wearing our trendy jewellery?

Unique, hand-picked jewellery:

Since 2018, we have been exploring the world in search of suppliers and artisans to find the best jewellery at unbeatable prices! This has enabled us to create collections that are both cutting-edge and more original than ever, in materials that are accessible to the noblest.


Zeus had an expression that he chose to share only with his team which was very contemporary for its time. He used to say: "All you have to do is add it to your basket to adopt it".

Four hundred products with fine details that continue to grow, and it's all thanks to you:

Our Bagues Tendances team makes you a promise: to meet your needs today while anticipating products that will meet your expectations tomorrow.


If thanks to Bagues Tendances you have been able to create your collection of rings for men of character, you will be delighted to know that this is only the beginning!


With Zeus, we continue to develop to offer you exceptional new collections with the best bracelets, necklaces, earrings and ephemeral tattoos for men.

A trust worthy of siblings:

Like Zeus, we consider you our Buddy. Yes, you are part of the Bagues Tendances family, that's why we always play the transparency card with you for your greatest happiness !


And by the way, we thank you for the one you show us every day 🙏.


A lasting friendship with your wallet: it's precious and we pay special attention to it! Our prices will allow you to treat yourself reasonably!

Faultless security: we offer you secure, encrypted and guaranteed safe means of payment! 🔒

A worldwide delivery offered because we want to make our jewels accessible to all men of character who will read this, wherever they come from.

Wise advice : We put the team at your service to help you in your quests and your choices on Bagues Tendances because our goal is to make you happy !

Follow us and be an actor in our adventures!


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We'll end with this:


There's one reason you're here, but a million reasons why you're here...




So dear Buddy, wherever you come from on this globe, expect to be surprised, inspired, passionate, because above all, we seek to create emotion and a relationship between you and your jewelry at Bagues Tendances.


The Bagues Tendances team ⚡️