Our men's shamballa bracelet collection: 

The Trendy Rings team is more than delighted to welcome you to our brand new collection of bracelets: shamballa! 

You will have understood, we decided to diversify our jewelry for men because we were very touched to see how many of you were supporting us in this 100% manly and masculine adventure! 

At Rings Trends, you will find bracelets! Yes we want to be a bit philosophical, it's because we are still moved! 

Moreover, we are convinced that this new range of jewelry that we are launching with the shamballa bracelet will carry you as much as it made us travel. So, are you ready to find yourself a new best friend for life that will style you in all circumstances? Discover the men's shamballa bracelet!

Whatever your budget, (yes, we guarantee that a cheap men's shamballa bracelet exists, word of Zeus1️ !) we will meet your expectations and we remain available to discuss with you and advise you as best as possible in your research for a shamballa pearl!  


Shamballa: Different materials and beads

In our online jewelry store, we use different types of materials to design our shamballa bracelets that help you show off your amazing style! 

We think you'll be surprised to learn how endless the combinations can be! For a shamballa, it is in fact combining a metal with a type of stone which gives a unique bracelet and which also allows you to choose how you want to use your shamballa bracelet: rather occasionally, in which case a zinc alloy shamballa base will be sufficient or even daily and, at this time, we recommend without hesitation a silver shamballa.  

Like this black shamballa bracelet that we called natural stone shamballa, it is a perfect example of the combinations we are talking about: the choice of zinc alloy combined with natural stones for a stunning result and at a low price thanks to the chosen metal. ! 

Also discover the materials and shamballa beads: 

  • Shamballa Obsidian stone

  • Shamballa Natural Stones

  • Shamballa Semi-Precious Natural Stones

  • Shamballa Stone Agate 

  • Shamballa Lava Stone

  • Pearl Shamballa

  • Shamballa Silver

  • Shamballa Silver Zircon

  • Shamballa Stainless Steel

  • Shamballa Zinc Alloy


Shamballa: powerful themes! 

We also offer eclectic but equally powerful themes so that you can find what you are looking for in our shamballa collection. 

So one of our models, stone shamballa bracelet that we called the Blue Shamballa Skull Bracelet is part of the Skull Shamballa. And you, which style of men's shamballa bracelet would you go for? 

  • Shamballa Skull

  • Shamballa Animal

  • Religious Shamballa

  • Spiritual Shamballa 

  • Shamballa Hip-Hop

  • Classic Shamballa

  • Colorful Shamballa

  • Shamballa Rebel


Trendy Rings: Everyone has their own bracelet! 

You made it this far, we are touched! You are definitely a fan of men's fashion!

We hope that this new collection can dress all of your looks with class and trend! 

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