Viking bracelet

Our viking bracelets for men

Are you looking for a viking bracelet to style your wrists, modernize and accessorize your best outfits? At Rings Trends you will inevitably find your happiness! A wide range of viking bracelets, cuffs and shamballa are waiting for you here! In silver, leather or stainless steel the quality is irreproachable and the details of the jewelry are always very precise for a finish worthy of the greatest jewelers!

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Viking bracelet: Different materials

In Trendy Rings, we use different raw materials to design our jewelry. So we can agree to all men and all budgets : Viking bracelets at low prices for occasional or short-term wear, but also sterling silver bracelets for everyday wear, unparalleled shine and sophisticated style. We are therefore very happy to offer you here:

  • Silver viking bracelet

  • Steel viking bracelet

  • Brazilian viking rope bracelet

  • Viking leather bracelet

Each of the above raw materials helps develop the style you want, the leather will bring a more rock, punk see gothic while the rope will give a more cool, a surfer look.


Different types of male bracelet

In order to adapt to any dressing room, as well as to all men, we all have a variation of scandinavian bracelet more or less discreet. More or less impregnated with danish culture... You will therefore find different representations of viking symbols :

  • Ragnar viking bracelet

  • Scandinavian rune bracelet

  • Jarl viking bracelet

  • Thor viking bracelet

You will also find other elements of this Nordic culture, notably with a wide range of representations of Viking symbolism: Valknut, Triple triangle, Odin's triangle, Helm of Awe, as well as traditional danish animals like wolves, crows

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Which size to choose?

At Rings Trends, we advise you to measure the size of your wrist so as not to make mistakes when choosing the size of your Viking bracelet.

If you ever intend to offer a bracelet, a shamballa or a cuff to a man around you for a special occasion and you want to do it discreetly for an even nicer gift, we advise you to opt for an adjustable bracelet! 🎁