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Our viking rings for men ⚔️

You are looking for the mens viking ring who will take you to visit Valhalla? At Rings Trends you will inevitably find your happiness. A wide range of viking rings, rings and signet rings are waiting for you here! Whether she is in solid silver or stainless steel, quality will always be there and the details of your viking ring will always be very precise for a finish worthy of the greatest jewelers! Some of our rings are handmade by our artisans, others are produced in the factory in small quantities. Refer to the product sheets to find out more about the viking ring you like.

 It is in this collection that you will find all our viking rings. We have the best collection of Nordic rings in the world. Our collection of viking rings is entirely handmade for the highest quality. Since time immemorial, the viking ring is the symbolic accessory par excellence.

Wearing a viking ring offers unparalleled distinction. While most people try to be like their neighbors, you who are reading this are different, you are probably looking the other way. We are here for you and will help you choose your viking ring!

How to choose your viking ring? 

You can choose your future viking ring according to the criteria below:

Viking rings: Different materials

At Rings Trends, we use different types of materials to design our Viking rings:

  • Steel viking ring stainless
  • Viking ring zinc alloy
  • Viking ring in solid silver

These different materials require different maintenance. silver viking ring, opt for a monthly cleaning with baking soda or toothpaste, silver is a noble and resistant material. For the stainless steel viking rings we advise you to clean them monthly with hot water and soap, you can nevertheless use a steel polish once or twice a year to restore all its shine to your superb viking ring. These tips are, of course, applicable to our viking signet rings as well as on our viking rings.

While material is an essential criterion in choosing your ring, color is just as important, especially if you regularly wear a watch on your wrist. A silver-colored watch should match with rings also silver-colored. Therefore, a gold watch will need to match a gold colored Viking ring.

If you are afraid that your rings will degrade you can choose uborn warranty on your rings in steel and / or silver by clicking here

 The practical trick : You can filter the Viking rings according to their material, you just have to select solid silver, stainless steel or zinc alloy in the filters at the top right of the page.

Viking rings: Different symbols

Viking culture is a very rich culture, so the symbols and meanings of our rings are numerous. Fans of Scandinavian culture will greatly value the meaning of its symbols that you can find on the internet. So you can choose your Viking symbol among:

  • Odin's Triangle Viking Ring
  • Viking ring Valknut
  • Viking Ring Helm of Awe
  • Viking runes ring
  • Viking ring Jarl
  • Viking cross ring
  • Animal viking ring

You just have to choose which symbol suits you best in order to choose your ring, your ring, your wedding ring or your Viking signet ring!

Viking rings: Different types of rings

In order to respect all styles of men, we all have a variation of viking rings wide or thin, colored or in silver, extravagant or classic. Thus, we offer different types of viking rings such as:

  • Viking ring
  • Viking signet ring
  • Viking ring
  • Viking alliance

In this way, we recommend a silver viking dragon ring if you have a profession that requires strict dress, these are more classic and discreet rings that do not detract from your manhood.

Inspiration rings viking signet ring are often more flashy, so it will be hard to hide them, but will give you a Viking warrior style if you embrace them! These are our most virile and popular rings among men.

The viking rings are to be taken on a case-by-case basis, so a viking bear or wolf ring will come close to the flashy effect of the signet ring. It's up to you to show your inspiration with your own hands!

Viking rings: which size to choose?

In Trendy Rings, we offer many ring sizes. We have large sizes as well as smaller sizes that can accommodate women's hands.

To choose your viking ring, we advise you to measure the size of your finger so as not to make mistakes when choosing your viking ringAll you have to do is follow the instructions on the page How to choose the size of my ring?  

You can also find your size by downloading an online ring sizer and juxtaposing one of your rings.

If you plan to give a ring or one man viking signet ring from your entourage for Christmas or for a birthday and you do not want to ask or measure the size of your loved one's finger, we advise you to opt for a adjustable viking ring. To do this, simply select the adjustable word in the filters of the category viking ring ! 🎁

How do I match my Viking ring or signet ring?

For a rock style we advise you to match it with a skull ring or signet ring that you will also find on our site! The more classic signet rings also bring a lot of virility and allow you to assume a manly style without complexes! You can also choose the classic signet rings .

It is quite possible tomatch a viking ring with another viking ring. However, choose them of the same color: mixing gold and silver is a beginner's faux pas.

With all these tips you are armed like a viking to fight the English and choose YOUR viking ring which will have great sentimental value for you! ⚔️