Dragon Ring

Our dragon rings for men 🐲

You are looking for the mens dragon ring who will style your hands and give you a modern and manly style? At Rings Trends you will inevitably find your happiness. A wide range of dragon rings, rings and signet rings are waiting for you here! Whether in solid silver or stainless steel, the quality will always be there and the details of your dragon ring will always be very precise for a finish worthy of the greatest jewelers!

We remain available in the chat if you need advice on choosing your ring or if you need additional information 😁


How to choose your dragon ring? 

You will find below several criteria to better choose your dragon ring for men 

Dragon rings: Different materials

At Trendy Rings, we use different types of materials to design our dragon rings. So we can suit all men: inexpensive dragon rings for occasional or short-term wear, solid silver dragon rings for everyday wear.

  • Dragon ring Stainless steel
  • Dragon ring zinc alloy
  • Dragon ring in solid silver

These different materials involve different maintenance. If for a silver dragon ring we recommend a monthly cleaning with baking soda or toothpaste, silver is a noble material that will resist in the long term. For the stainless steel dragon rings we advise you to clean them monthly with hot water and soap, you can nevertheless use a steel polish once or twice a year to restore all its shine to your superb dragon ring. Steel is a tough material that requires less maintenance than silver, however silver is a brighter and more noble material. Obviously, these tips are applicable on our dragon signet rings as well as on our dragon rings.

If material matters, color is just as important, especially if you have a watch. A silver-colored watch should match with rings also silver-colored. On the same principle, a gold watch should match a gold-colored dragon ring.

If you are afraid that your rings will degrade you can choose uborn warranty on your rings in steel and / or silver by clicking here

Little tip : You can filter your search for dragon ring according to its material, you just have to select solid silver, stainless steel or zinc alloy in the filters.

Dragon rings: Different representations 🐉

In order to better respond to your request, our models of dragon ring have thus multiplied. A desire for color on your handsMan ? Opt for a dragon eye ring colored. A desire to gothic or punk style ? Go on a dragon claw ring… We remain available by chat to help you choose your trendy ring according to your style. So you can choose your dragon ring among:

  • Dragon head ring 🐲
  • Full dragon ring 🐉
  • Dragon claw ring
  • Dragon eye ring
  • Chinese dragon ring
  • Japanese dragon ring

Each of the styles of dragon rings has its popular meanings or not, but you can also choose it just for an aesthetic look. So the dragon claw ring represents aggressiveness and the higher the number of claws the higher the dragon has a nobility rank. The whole dragon biting its tail is the symbol of the eternal cycle of life. The dragon eye rings are chosen in relation to their super coloring, their aesthetics come before their meanings.

The chinese dragon rings have a very positive symbolism for men, the dragon represents the Chinese emperors and gives them powers. Far from the representation of the evil dragon made in the West. So don’t hesitate to gift a Chinese dragon to someone you value.

Dragon rings: Different types of rings

In order to respect all styles of men, we all have a variation of dragon rings more or less fine. More or less flashy. More or less colorful ... Thus, we offer different types of dragon rings:

  • Dragon ring
  • Dragon signet ring
  • Dragon ring

In this way, we recommend a silver dragon ring if you have a profession that requires strict attire, these are more classic and more discreet rings that do not detract from your virility.

Inspiration rings dragon signet ring are often more flashy, so it will be hard to hide them, but will give you a dragon style if you assume them! These are our most virile and popular rings among men.

The dragon rings are to be taken on a case-by-case basis, so a dragon claw ring will come close to the flashy effect of the signet ring while a simple thin dragon will have the same effect as a ring.

Dragon rings: which size to choose?

In Trendy Rings, we advise you to measure the size of your finger so as not to make mistakes when choosing the size of your dragon ring. We invite you to consult our page how to choose the size of your dragon ring? This article also works well for dragon rings and the dragon signet rings.

You can also find your size by downloading an online ring sizer and juxtaposing one of your rings. This method is less precise, but very effective for a surprise gift!

If you ever expect to offer a ring or a chevalière dragon has a man from your entourage for Christmas or for a birthday and that you do not want to ask and measure the size of the must of the future owner of the ring, we advise you to opt for an adjustable dragon ring. To do this, simply select the adjustable word in the filters of the category dragon ring ! 🎁

How do I match my dragon ring or signet ring?

Our supreme advice: choose a style and follow it!

If you want to keep a discreet style, we recommend matching it with a dragon ring, or another more classic ring.

For a very marked style we advise you to match it with a skull ring or signet ring that you will also find on our site! The more classic signet rings also bring a lot of virility and allow you to assume a manly style without complexes! You can also choose another type of ring such as viking signet rings .

It is quite possible tomatch a dragon ring with another dragon ring, but you have to alternate styles! Do not match a Chinese dragon ring with a Chinese dragon signet ring, or two dragon eye signet rings in different colors! Prefer to match a Chinese dragon ring with a classic ring.

Color is also an important aspect of the assortment, so silver rings will match much better with other silver dragon rings while a gold signet ring will match other gold colored signet rings.

“Mixing gold and silver is a beginner's faux pas.

You just have to choose with which dragon signet ring to match your superb human dragon fan hands and with which dragon ring you want to reveal part of your personality 🤙