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The ring represents a fashion that allows everyone, men and women to differentiate and stand out through this accessory. 
The ring is also a jewel which allows you to express your personality, tastes and belonging. We can associate it with a quest for singularity.
So you will have understood it, the ring is far from being a jewel exclusively for women. 

The men's ring is not a jewel solely dedicated to the representation of a commitment or a legacy. 

Today and more than ever, the ring for man is a democratized accessory that is part of a trend that can easily be similar to a jewel strong and steeped in history according to its genre: viking ring, bague skulldragon ring or even representation animal

The importance of rings among the Vikings

It is only natural that the meteoric rise of rings for men are largely inspired by viking style
You will probably be surprised to learn that the history of Vikings is not just about war and the manufacture of weapons. 
For several centuries, the Vikings have also made rings and others jewelry intended for both men and women, fans of these objects made of precious metals.
The importance of jewelry no doubt in the culture viking : these jewelry are synonymous with wealth and demonstrate a certain social status, serve as currency and have strong symbolic significance for their culture.
These jewelry designed with detailed and intricate patterns have been able to retain centuries later the curiosity and special interest of men.
Today the viking style is strongly represented and brought up to date through mens jewelry
Powerful inspiration, viking style rich in history, unmissable trend for men.

To make this moment a little more Viking, we invite you to activate your sound and play the music If I Had A Heart by Fever Ray to roll out our top 10 viking rings ! 

Discover our top 10 Viking rings 

The Viking Hammer Thor Ring

This superb mens viking ring represents the hammer symbol of Thor, gods of thunder in Norse mythology. Elegant and temperamental, this viking ring will delight all fans of Celtic culture as well as all those of the Marvel universe and more precisely of the character Thor. Adjustable, it is therefore ideal for a birthday or Christmas gift since you will not need to know the size of the wearer's fingers. It is a stainless steel ring that will stand the tests of life. 

The Viking Skull Ring

This viking ring for men represents the skull of a Scandinavian warrior. It has very nice finishes. It is a ring that can be worn daily since it is made of stainless steel, a very resistant material. It will give a manly and unique style to its buyer! 

The Viking Thor Ring

This Ring for man proposed by the Taverne du Viking highlights a flagship tool of the period Viking : THOR's hammer, used as a lucky charm at weddings but also as a weapon for warriors Viking to protect himself. This jewel is a nice nod to the history of Viking !

The Viking rune retro ring 

This superb viking ring for men is an 8mm wide ring with ancient Viking script. It will delight all fans of this culture. It is a simple ring but affirmed by its color and its bevelled sides. 

The Viking Odin Symbol Ring

The famous Odin triangle adorns this viking mens ring. With its signet style, this magnificent ring will adorn your hands with dignity. In stainless steel, it will withstand all the tests of life. 



The Viking Tree of Life Ring

This magnificent viking mens ring is made of stainless steel, so it will stand up to all the tests of life. This ring will appeal to all fans of Scandinavian culture, it is the tree of life, the tree of the world. It will bring happiness to its purchaser and some lend him the virtue of making dreams come true! So go ahead and make one of your dreams come true.


The Viking ring The vegsivir 

This jewel in money for man created by Emmanuelle Guyon highlights Vegsivir, a symbol Viking full of meaning: he used to help his wearer to navigate his way through unfavorable conditions. 

What if this legend Viking was still relevant today? 



This superb viking ring pour homme symbolizes the howling of wolves, proud, and the head held high. It is a symbol of strength and ferocity in Nordic culture. Show your love for the viking culture with this ring, or simply choose it for its stunning design! 

The Aries Viking Ring

This magnificent head ring goat will suit all men. Inspired by viking jewelry, this titanium men's ring will enhance all your outfits and allow you to assert your style. His little price makes an ideal gift for Christmas or a birthday.



The Viking Amalrik Ring

This is one of our bestsellers! This splendid viking ring  which combines originality and viking style to suit all fans of this culture as well as the greatest number. It is a ring in stainless steel that will withstand all the trials of life. Moreover, being adjustable, it is suitable for all men and can be inserted on your fingers as you wish.