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The power of the men's ring:

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Our last article which offered you the top 10 Viking rings for man taught us one thing: men like fashion and like to have style and this goes in particular by wearing the Ring, a jewel powerful which conveys a multitude of messages!

When we talk about the power of the ring, you may be wondering where are we going with this? 

We tell you more about it here:

  • singularity: the jewel for man has become democratized but it remains a handpicked accessory that allows its initiates to stand out with singularity. Indeed, you will not see all the men you meet wearing a piece of jewelry and that, believe us, it allows you to stand out! We already share on a good point. 
  • personality: the ring for man allows you to impose without saying too much. It immediately conveys a message that you release with your posture, the choice of the ring that you did but also the finger on which you wear it. Now imagine that you are walking around with a skull ring, Wearing your usual look fromhipster or while streetwear, the reactions that you would provoke would create the curiosity of all the people you will come across. Do you have a part of mystery in you? 
  • exterior brand: we have just mentioned it, the ring it is also an easily visible means of communication for the people you will meet and perhaps even with whom you will converse. So you can arouse their interest and bring up topics for discussion that change from usual: "This Ring skull is awesome! Where did you find it? You are a fan of skulls ? ", you see where we are going with this. 
  • cultural: we cannot talk enough about the cultural power of rings. Contrary to popular belief, skull rings don't just represent style, they can have powerful meaning. We tell you more in this second part, the skull style.


The skull style:

Now that we have understood the power of Ring for man, and if we developed skull style so that we know what we are dealing with when we wear a skull jewel ?

Symbols, besides being a part of our lives, are also essential to the art industry. It is only natural that one can imagine that they have deep meanings, rooted in time and which still exist today.

The skull is a symbol rich in history because it has crossed the world, eras and cultures. However, it is still very trendy today, especially among the male audience.

As famous and acclaimed as it is, the skull Broadly speaking, the following ideas mean: life after death and bravery in the face of death and danger.

Remember, we told you about such strong meanings in our article TOP 10 Viking rings.

 For many years the symbol of skull was used in the designs of rings (and more broadly from jewelry) but also as an art of expression in the punk or rock genre, suggesting that the only followers of this style were artists and people who liked punk and rock.

Today the jewelry skull inspire strength and confidence, they can be incredibly stylish and are very popular among men, whether they like punk or not.

Whatever your style, be sure that rings skull will add style and sophistication to your look. 

So, ready to take the plunge and find the skull ring who will suit you best? 

To make this moment a little more rock'n'roll, we invite you to activate your sound and play the skull ring music of Iggy POP to unroll our top 10 skull rings !




Discover our top 10 Viking rings 

 The Satamon skull ring

This superb luxury ring for man skull is of incredible quality. In 925 silver, it will withstand all the shocks of life. The skull is a highly regarded figure in the style urban. Elegant and imposing, it will not leave anyone indifferent! Do not hesitate any longer and affirm your style !

 The skull signet ring

This magnificent men's ring in silvert 925 is a perfect gift for lovers of skulls . Elegant and temperamental, this signet ring will complete your style street or biker. With a casual or sophisticated outfit it will perfectly match your style. It is a very nice birthday or Christmas gift. 

  The iRobot skull ring

Superb Ring for all lovers of robots and of skulls. A futuristic and black style that will make all your outfits virile. This mens ring is stainless steel, it is therefore very resistant and can be worn daily. 

 The Mahori skull ring 

You like the skull style who call to travel? Discover the skull ring Mahori from Orus Bijoux, a jewel to details that are sure to surprise you:


 King is Dead skull ring

You can know now: the king is dead! This magnificent mens ring in solid silver is one of our bestsellers. To try it is to adopt it ! 

 Lumious skull ring

Superb mens ring in zinc alloy, reflective in blue color. This is a jewel perfect for the evening, it will give you a fun and assertive style. You will not go unnoticed in the evening!  

 The skull skull ring

Superb silver mens ring massive! Composed of several skulls it's one of our bestsellers. Stylish and high quality, this is a very nice Christmas or birthday present to cherish one or more of your loved ones. 

 The ring skull skull captain

This mens ring represents a skull of a ship's captain. With its assertive style it will suit men wishing to accessorize their outfits with character. In stainless steel, it will stand the test of time.

 The ring lily flower skull

Meticulously decorated, this Ring skull features a fleur-de-lis, emblem of the Bourbon monarchy. The artfully crafted textured surface resulting from the hand-crafted details is what makes this unique jewel.

 The ring Amon skull

Made of stainless steel, this skull ring alien is very aggressive. It will bring virility to all your outfits. In silver or matt black, it will withstand all the tests of life.