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If you find yourself on Trendy Rings and more particularly on the article TOP 10 DRAGON RINGS, it's because you love the fantasy world, the dragon universe and most of all, it's because you are a man who likes to be at the forefront of trends while differentiating yourself from others. 🐉

Here, we advocate atypicalism and the claim of different styles and universes! 👊

It is therefore natural that we created a collection of bagues dragon for man.

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The dragon: but who is he really? 🐉 

The dragon It is first of all a legendary creature that is widely represented in the arts. He is associated with a gigantic reptile, with a snake tail, which is armed with claws on its legs and which is able to breathe fire and fly. 

These creatures are well known to humans although no one on the team Trendy Rings (apart from Zeus of course) have never personally met one.

According to you, the dragon is he rather dangerous or a benevolent and formidable ally? Well both! Indeed, the dragon can be very threatening and respond to attacks just as he can be an “intractable” goalkeeper ready to wet his jersey (or scales?) for the survival of his family and those they protect (That's right, we thinks of Daenerys Targaryen there, from the famous Games of Thrones series).

We simply must not find ourselves in the enemy camp of the dragons, that could be ... fatal! 

The impact of the dragon figure on fashion:

The figure of dragon is used in the fashion world in 3 main ways:

  • The dragon and the color: In particular, we will find clothes and accessories in red and gold directly referring to the "Chinese dragon" as well as shades of blue and green, recalling the elegance of the dragon or even yellow to recall the most famous color to represent the eyes. of dragon.
  • The dragon and the texture: We can find reminders of dragon in the design and manufacture of fashion accessories such as jewelry ! Thus, we can give jewelry a scaled appearance or even with rounded peaks representing the backbones of this supernatural creature.

Discover the dragon egg ring to get an idea of what we're talking about! 

  • The dragon as a motif or symbol: It is more and more trendy to wear clothes and accessorize yourself with elements that will personalize your style, which will allow you to show a part of your personality and which will make you stand out from the others! Continuing this momentum, we can give you the example of dragon ring. The Ring allows to represent the dragon ad infinitum and showcase it in different ways. It is for example possible to represent it entirely, in its full form or with an element characterizing it such as its scratches, its eye or its forked tongue.

Discover the chinese dragon ring !

The dragon and its astrological significance:

In view of all the legends that run around the dragon, we think you won't be surprised if you are told that in Chinese astrology, the dragon is perceived to be the most powerful zodiac sign!  Energy, ambition, domination, so many words that characterize this sign of fire!

Embodies the dragon of your choice and find out if your strength and stubbornness in achieving your high-level goals arouses jealousy or the admiration of others.

If you want to know your Chinese astrological sign, many websites offer this service for free.

If your Chinese zodiac sign is not the dragon, we love you anyway buddy, we know that you are still a man of character. So aren't you a bit of a dragon after all?

We think that now you understand why we were so keen to create a collection 100% dedicated to dragons ! Now is the time to get to the point you've been waiting for, our top 10 dragon rings

To create a 100% dragon atmosphere, we invite you to activate your sound and play the music Believer of the group imagine Dragons to roll out our top 10 dragon rings.


Discover our top 10 dragon rings 

🐉 The Valka dragon ring

This Ring in stainless steel represents symbols of dragons intertwined with each other. It will not leave diehard fans of the Dragon movie trilogy indifferent!

It will give its acquirer the strength of the dragon Valka. This Ring is ideal for revealing part of your personality.

With its golden embellishments, be sure to bring trend and class to your casual and dressy outfits.

This model also exists with only golden dragons 

bague valka

🐉 The dragon Key ring

This Ring in zinc alloy features a Chinese dragon on its main surface and is adorned with a key that holds the secrets of the fiery universe of Dragons! 

Its vintage style will bring class whether you are more a fan of hipster or punk looks.

Add a flashy touch if you pair it with a rock or hip hop look. It will adapt to you and your personality as a man of character! 

bague dragon key

🐉 The Mushu dragon signet ring

This superb dragon signet ring Mushu will inspire you and invite you on a journey thanks to his story: Mushu, the protective dragon of China. In gold-colored stainless steel, this signet ring will endow you with extraordinary powers and allow you to discover the Celestial Empire in a different way. It is also your best ally for styling understated looks and making them ultra trendy! 

PS: It is an exceptional birthday present for all big fans of the iconic MULAN

This model also exists with a black stone  

chevalière dragon mushu

🐉 The Rhaegal dragon ring - Silver

This Ring composed of 3 dragons in solid silver won't leave die-hard fans of the series Game Of Thrones indifferent! She will give her acquirer the strength of the dragon Rhaegal, dragon deceased of the beautiful Khaleesi. This Ring is ideal for revealing part of your personality. 

It is also a beautiful birthday or Christmas gift that will withstand all the tests of life thanks to thesolid silver.

bague dragon rhaegal

🐉  The Smaug dragon ring - Silver

This superb smaug dragon ring is adorned with a red zircon stone. It's a Ring in solid silver as luxurious as the treasure Smaug protects in The Hobbit. Very resistant and modern, it is a great ally to spice up your style. Ideal to be worn with a casual or trendy evening outfit. The dragon is a totem animal, symbol of primordial power and virility.

bague dragon smaug argent

🐉 The Saphira dragon ring 

Discover this superb Ring in solid silver which represents a Dragon in its entirety with red eyes. Packed with details, this ring will catch the eye and curiosity of anyone you meet.  

The fact that it is adjustable allows you to offer it without hesitation, especially since it will delight the hearts of Eragon fans! 

Of exceptional quality, it will withstand all the tests of life.

bague dragon saphira

🐉 The blue eye dragon ring 

This superb dragon ring represents a blue dragon eye. The eye that sees everything, but also the genius that watches over everything. It's a Ring made of zinc alloy which will be suitable for occasional or short term wear. Adjustable, it is a perfect Christmas or birthday present since it will go into the hands of all men. Its low price will only convince you!

bague dragon oeil bleu

🐉 The Viserion dragon ring

This pretty Ring gives a vintage and classy dimension to the zodiac dragon that adorns it all around thering. The hand-finished details are breathtaking and will bring an intriguing and powerful side to your personality.

What to give pep's to your outfits especially as its silver material will resist time indefinitely.

bague dragon viserion

🐉 The black dragon ring

This superb dragon ring black with a fleur-de-lys is in stainless steel, the stone is in crystal. Resistant and modern, it is a great ally to spice up your style. Ideal to be worn with a casual or trendy evening outfit. The dragon is a totem animal, symbol of primordial power and virility.

bague dragon noir

🐉 The dragon claw ring

bague griffe de dragon

This superb Ring features the claws of a dragon. Designed with detail, these claws contain two anecdotes: they are synonymous with aggressiveness and the more they are numerous, the more the dragon has a high rank of nobility.

Its silver color and fine virility will allow this Ring to match with all of your looks.

Adjustable, it is ideal to be offered as a gift. You will fall for his little price