Why wear a dragon ring? 🐉

Why wear a dragon ring? 🐉

Dragons have always had an important place for Zeus and the team Trendy Ring. This is why we have put them in the spotlight through a superb collection of dragon rings.

This collection of dragon rings is eclectic, which is what gives it originality and power! In all budgets, more or less fantastic, in silver or adjustable, you will inevitably find your happiness:

  • The dragon signet ring
  • The Asian dragon ring
  • The dragon ring representative of the creature's body (claw, head, whole dragon, eye)
  • The adjustable dragon ring
  • The dragon ring in sterling silver

And so many other models that we invite you to discover here (we promise we'll list a few at the end of the article):

collection dragon

With tailor-made appellations, each model of the dragon collection exists to reveal a part of you and your personality while reinforcing your style with masculinity and trend.  

We already explained to you in the article Top 10 dragon rings where the history and fascination for these legendary creatures came from. Find out today why it is essential to have a dragon ring in your collection of modern men's accessories!

The dragon ring : a revealing and mysterious accessory

First, a Ring or a signet ring, it’s a powerful accessory that says a lot about you. The Ring Makes you intriguing because it comes down to giving others clues about your personality while keeping an element of mystery.

Imagine wearing your ring while you accost a pretty girl, your hand resting against the wall, above her (ok, stop, we stop it would almost become kitsch but you get the idea!).

What would be his reaction to seeing your Ring ? Well, she would be captivated by your virility, by that nod to your personality and also by your taste for fashion! We agree, it's more subtle than wearing a t-shirt with a dragon and the words "I love them dragons " above…

The dragon ring: an effective icebreaker

It’s also a great way to break the ice wherever you go. We know that it is difficult today to be the first to approach another person, for whatever reason. Your dragon ring will give you all the reassurance you need to be more outgoing (especially with such Ring, we're not going to lie to each other, it’s the others who will talk to you first to break the ice)!

The dragon ring: because dragons are your passion!

You want to wear a dragon ring simply because you like them dragons and that you are fascinated by all the legends that surround them. For you to find your dragon ring, this is what you have been waiting for! So stop looking, just scroll through the article in search of your new rare pearl: your dragon ring ! 

The dragon ring: a Chinese astrological sign

Born in 1976, 1988 or again in 2000, your Chinese astrological sign is the dragon ! You're proud of it, but from there to getting a tattoo of it? Maybe a bit of a radical decision. To establish a first interaction with your astrological sign, we offer you a solution delivered on a silver tray! Go for a ring dragon ! 

As promised, we list you a model of dragon ring by type cited at the beginning of our article! You may find your first one there dragon ring, a must-have for modern men!

🐉 The Mushu dragon signet ring

This superb dragon signet ring Mushu will inspire you and invite you on a journey thanks to his story: Mushu, the protective dragon of China. In gold-colored stainless steel, this signet ring will endow you with extraordinary powers and allow you to discover the Celestial Empire in a different way. It is also your best ally for styling understated looks and making them ultra trendy! 

PS: It is an exceptional birthday present for all big fans of the iconic MULAN

This model also exists with a blue stone.chevalière mushu

🐉 Chinese dragon ring III 

This mens ring representing a chinese dragon accentuates the punk side your style. Made of zinc alloy, it is ideal for short wear, or for occasional wear. You don't need to know the size of the ring, it is adjustable, it will fit you every time. Affordable, it is ideal for a Christmas gift, birthday gift and other occasions.

bague dragon chinois 3

🐉 The red eye dragon ring

This superb dragon ring represents a red dragon eye. The eye that sees everything, but also the genius that watches over everything. It's a Ring made of zinc alloy which will be suitable for occasional or short term wear. Adjustable, it is a perfect Christmas or birthday present since it will go into the hands of all men. Its low price will only convince you!

This model is available in three other colors. 

bague de dragon oeil rouge

🐉 The Falkor dragon ring - Silver

This superb falkor dragon ring  is a perfect mix between originality and mystery. Being adjustable, that makes this Ring a great ally to give it different meanings depending on the finger you choose to wear it.

The falkor dragon ring is also an ideal gift because it will match the dimensions of the fingers of its future buyer.

In solid silver, it remains discreet and allows you to familiarize yourself with wearing a ring gently and with class! 

bague dragon falloir argent

🐉 The dragon ring Dragon - Money

This dragon ring  in solid silver will not leave diehard fans of the series Game Of Thrones indifferent! She will give her acquirer the strength of the dragon Drogon the last living dragon of the beautiful Khaleesi. This ring is ideal for revealing part of your personality. 

It is also a beautiful birthday or Christmas present that will withstand all the trials of life for the long haul thanks to solid silver.

bague dragon drogon