The importance of jewelry to the Vikings

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The importance of jewelry to the Vikings


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Viking jewelry: an authentic manufacture

As you know, the team Trendy Rings and his muse Zeus have a penchant for the stories of our friends from the North, the vikings ! Their culture is exciting and still abounds today with many mysteries that we try to unravel to date! Some of you know them as great warriors thirsty for victory, blood and conquest! Others saw another facet of their strength by thinking, "If they had enough to build weapons, maybe they did other things?" »Bingo! If you had not had this reflection, we would like to give you some information: the answer is in the title ...

Indeed, the Vikings were also great creators of jewelry, essential and inseparable accessories to their culture.

Throughout their existence, the Vikings made rings, bracelets and other jewelry intended for both men and to women, fans of these objects made of precious metals.

A symbol of wealth, a reflection of social status or even a bargaining chip, jewelry has a powerful meaning for Vikings.

Jewelry for man are rightly inspired by viking style, like a return to righteousness. By the way, you will surely have noticed, we have dedicated a collection of rings and a very recent collection of bracelets to culture Viking, as if to pay homage to these men who wielded the tool in love as in war.

At the same time that it is armed with a flaming sword or a jewel gross, we think you would agree with us that Vikings always have a very high class! 

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Viking jewelry: heritage and inspirations 

These Vikings-designed jewels contain detailed and intricate designs that have preserved to the present day, and by and large, the special interest of men; We see you little curious 🚹.

Today, symbols that mark the Viking Age are vividly represented through jewelry. It is also from these symbols that our collections dedicated to Vikings are inspired, among others:

  • Viking Thor jewel
  • Viking Odin jewelry
  • Viking Wolf Jewel
  • Viking Rune Jewel
  • Viking jewelry tree of life
  • Viking Warrior Jewel
  • Viking jewelry Helme of Awe
  • Viking Dragon Jewel
  • Viking jewelry Vegvisir 

We feel nostalgic to have already left us so we suggest you unroll a model of Ring viking as well as a model from our brand new collection of viking bracelets listening to Rún * music from SKÁLD, the only French group that sings in Old Norse, if that's not the class in Dallas, well, in Scandinavia!

Rún*: Means La Rune in Old Norse, the language of the Vikings (but you already know that, otherwise we invite you to do like us and take some lessons to polish your Viking side!)

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The Viking Rune Odin Ring

A superb Ring with the most popular Viking symbol: the triangle ofOdin ! It will delight all fans of Scandinavian culture. This ring is elegant with a pronounced Viking style. In addition, in stainless steel it will withstand the tests of life. 

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Turquoise Viking Warrior bracelet

(Available in 3 other colors)

This viking bracelet can style up a casual outfit when you're riding a motorcycle and a dressy outfit when it's time to hit the tavern for a drink! The rope associated with stainless steel reinforces the Viking symbols that the bracelet embodies  

This find will be an essential part of your wardrobe if you are a fan of Scandinavian legends.