How to take care of silver jewelry

How to take care of silver jewelry

 Whether you accessorize your wardrobe exclusively with silver jewelry or whether you only have a few special pieces, you probably wondered at some point what is the best way to care for and clean your rings, bracelets, or any other silver jewelry.

The dedicated jewelers at Bagues Tendances have compiled a list to answer all your questions about the care of rings and other silver jewelry. We will advise you on how to wear your rings and bracelets as well as how to care for them: dos and don'ts.

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Your money can tarnish if it isSterling silver which is an alloy metal, normally composed of 92.5% pure silver and other metals. Thesilver 990 can tarnish as well, but this is much rarer since it is 99% pure silver. Finally we have a range of jewelry including rings in solid silver (you will recognize them by their price!) these rings do not darken and have a 1 year warranty from the date of purchase.

If you observe a jewelry that is blacked out or looks dirty, it's because your money has tarnished; but, do not neglect this part or get rid of it!

Tarnishing is simply the result of a chemical reaction with particles of oxygen or sulfur in the air. With a few easy to follow tips, you can take care of your sterling silver jewelry and make it last for years to come!


Knowing what is harmful to your silver jewelry is the best way to combat tarnish. For your daily wear, we've put together this list of tips:

  • Wear it often : The natural oils in your skin will help keep silver jewelry shiny. One of the easiest ways to prevent tarnish is to simply wear your money often instead of letting it sit in an unworn jewelry box.
  • Take it off during household chores: Substances containing additional sulfur like household cleaners, chlorinated water, perspiration and rubber will accelerate corrosion and tarnishing. So especially if you have silver rings take them off!
  • Keep it out of direct sunlight: Before heading to the beach or the pool, be sure to remove your silver jewelry. Sunlight can also tarnish silver.
  • Put your jewelry last: For generations, women have put on their jewelry last and with good reason! Lotions, makeup, hairspray, and perfumes will speed up tarnishing. This advice is also valid for you gentlemen!



Many cleaning methods are available on the internet and it is difficult to choose. Well our jewelers have chosen for you: here are the silver cleaning methods:



  • Soap and water: This is the most recommended method due to the mildness of the soap and water. This should really be your first line of defense before trying anything else. If this step does not work enough you can try the following.
  • Baking soda and water: Make a paste from baking soda and water, apply a small amount to a cloth or toothbrush, and rub gently in small circles.
  • Baking soda and white vinegar: This gentle cleaning method is ideal for removing heavy tarnish. Soak your sterling silver in ½ cup of white vinegar and 2 tablespoons of baking soda (combine them in the sink and get ready for the fizz and foam) for two to three hours. Rinse the jewelry and pat dry.
  • Finish with a varnish: After cleaning your jewelry well, we recommend that you finish cleaning your jewelry using a polishing cloth specially designed for sterling silver, solid silver or 990 silver.


You can repeat this process as often as needed. Remember, the key to keeping your sterling silver clean is to follow regular cleanings (with soap and water) to remove tarnish as it builds. Your job becomes much more difficult if you allow your jewelry to accumulate a lot of tarnish and then try to remove it all at once. If, despite extensive cleaning, your jewelry is still dull, you can send it back to us for polishing.

There are many other methods that you will come across, but we strongly suggest these three because of how gentle they are on your silver jewelry.


  • Use an airtight container: Any container can be used to store your money, as long as it is airtight. Zippered bags are great, but you can also find specialty jewelry bags for a more attractive option.
  • Store in a cool, dark place: as mentioned earlier, sunlight, heat and humidity accelerate tarnishing. Make sure you keep your money in a cool, dark place.
  • Store the parts individually: by storing your pieces separately, you avoid any risk of scratching or tangling jewelry.
  • Think about anti-tarnish strips: you can throw some anti-tarnish strips with your jewelry to prevent tarnishing.
  • Do not store in paper, cardboard or cotton boxes: these boxes may contain traces of sulfur which will contribute to tarnishing.



There are a few other things you can try out when looking for ways to keep your sterling silver jewelry from tarnishing.

  • Arrange the jewelry with chalk: If you throw a few pieces of chalk with your sterling silver, the chalk will absorb moisture and help prevent tarnish from the oxidation of the silver.
  • Use silica packs: When you buy new clothes or shoes, you will sometimes find silica packs with them. Hold them and throw them in your jewelry box. They are great for absorbing moisture!
  • Anti-tarnish cloths: Lining your jewelry box with anti-tarnish cloths is a great idea. These cloths absorb sulfur and moisture from the air and are usually chemically treated to prevent tarnishing.



Overall, keeping your sterling silver clean comes down to balancing regular home care and professional cleaning appointments. We offer an annual cleaning done by professionals for all jewelry and especially for our rings for men.

Remember, it is easier to prevent tarnish than to remove it after it has occurred. If you see a tarnish starting to form, be sure to clean it up immediately. Following these steps will help you keep your sterling silver looking like new for years to come!

⚠️ Do not hesitate to take jewelry with an extended warranty in order to overcome all the mishaps that a blackening could cause to your jewelry, we will clean it for you and, if in a rare case, the jewelry has oxidized too much , then we will resend one to you for free!

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