How to wear a men's ring?

How to wear a men's ring?



Are you currently looking for a Ring? Maybe you want to start accessorizing your fingers or maybe someone gifted you a ring as an heirloom or for a special event. Whatever your reason for entering the world of finger accessories, it can feel like stepping into uncharted territory.


You may want to blindly choose a ring and go with it, but there are a few things you need to keep in mind. To make sure that you are wearing the ring that suits you best and that you wear it in the way that suits you best. This is why we wanted to create a guide with 4 simple rules so you can wear your character ring (s) in style 🔥


1. Meaning of wearing the men's ring

Generally, a ring, a ring or a signet ring means something whether you like it or not. For example, golden rings imbued with large stones symbolize wealth and power while rings and alliances are the sign of a great attraction. Signet rings can signify power and honor and can even tell a little story about yourself.



For a good readability of the meaning of your men's ring, more than the origin of the ring and what it can symbolize, the finger on which you wear your ring is essential.

  • The rings worn on the little finger, in addition to being more visible, are usually worn to make a statement.
  • Those from ring finger, worn on the right or left hand depending on the local culture, usually indicate marriage or engagement.
  • If you wear a ring on your major, an unusual decoration due to its awkward placement right next to the index finger, you will display structure and balance.
  • There was a time when rings worn to index were an indication of the family situation, giving them an aspect of authority.
  • Finally, if you can find a ring that fits around your thumb, you will represent wealth or social influence.


Each finger is also related to astrological symbolism, the little finger being associated with Mercury, the ring binding with the Sun, the middle finger associated with Saturn, the index finger with Jupiter and the thumb with Venus and Mars.



2. The importance of the size of men's rings for style


As you will find with all jewelry that you wear, the size of your ring makes a difference. No, it has nothing to do with the symbolization, but just to make sure it best matches your finger size. When shopping for your ring (s), consider the size of your hands and the appearance of the ring. mens ring desired.


For example, if you have slightly larger hands, you might want to look at rings that are thicker or have larger embellishments. Smaller rings can feel off when worn on thicker fingers, while larger rings can feel uncomfortable on smaller fingers.


When it comes to sizing, you also want to make sure that the diameter of the ring is the size of your finger. Too loose and you could easily lose it. Too tight and you may not be able to put it on or take it off. It is therefore very important to know your finger size or to consult our men's ring size guide.


3. The spacing between the rings: a key element


This does not apply if you are looking to wear only one ring, but if you are wearing multiple rings or other jewelry, it is important tobalance your hands. Too many rings can clutter your hands, look messy, and can really burden your movements.


The rule of thumb is not to wear them all on the same hand . Space them out and wear thinner rings on the same hand as thicker rings. If you wear a bracelet or a watch with a ring, it is always best to wear them on the opposite side except for the wedding ring which cannot be changed hands.


It is not recommended to wear as many rings as you have fingers! Along with looking cluttered, it will become uncomfortable, especially if you are trying to wear more than one ring on your finger.  


Cristiano's Fashion faux pas : I would advise you only one thing dear gentlemen! Never ever wear several rings on the same finger ! If the trend holds true for women, make no mistake! For you,  male gender it will seem too overrated or even ridiculous!


Many men choose a fetish ring, strong in character that they associate with more discreet rings to focus on their magnificent rings.


4. Gold or Silver Ring: choose the right metal!



You can pretty much wear any metal you see fit, but if you're lost on which metal would look best on you, it all depends on your skin tone. People with warmer tones, where your veins aren't quite visible, will want to wear gold while cooler-toned skin will look better with silver.

You also want to take into account any other jewelry you will be wearing. Theuniformity is always the best, so if you wear a gold watch, a gold ring will be more beautiful. There are different shades of gold, so don't be crazy trying to match them perfectly.


Now that you have the 4 essential rules for wear a ring with style and virility we invite you to visit our site which offers more than a hundred references of men's rings! Start with our insane collection of skull rings! 💀