How to choose your viking ring?

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How to choose your viking ring?

Ah the Vikings! This Nordic civilization whose culture is synonymous with virility and masculinity. You like it viking style and in particular the viking rings, but you don't know which one to choose? We will help you towards your destiny to know how to choose your viking ring. For the most stung, we will help you choose a range of several viking rings.

If you don't have time to read the entire article, we'll let you see one of our best viking rings, the one that will go with all styles and that will suit all occasions!

1- What material to choose your viking ring ?

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At Rings Trends, we offer Viking rings in silver, stainless steel and zinc alloy.

Let's start with silver viking ring : it is the most expensive, but also the most resistant. The sterling silver men's rings are beautiful and go with everything. Thesolid silver brilliant is versatile, durable and soft enough to be engraved or molded into a wide variety of ring designs. Sterling silver rings are popular for their neutral nature and incredible value. Solid silver is one of the  preferred metals for jewelry and it is a great choice when shopping for men's accessories especially for viking rings and the viking bracelets.

The stainless steel viking ring is a very good compromise. It combines resistance to the trials of life:  contact with water or chlorine, with a cheaper price than solid silver. Therefore, it is ideal if you want to accessorize your hands at an affordable price.

Finally, the zinc alloy viking ring is ideal for a ring worn occasionally; its price will allow you to vary the rings and test many new styles. So we created a low cost ring collection bringing together many rings for less than 20 €!


2- How to choose your Viking rings according to your outfit  ?

The vikings jewelry and in particular the viking rings go perfectly with all modern Viking styles: trimmed beard, long hair, manly tattoo, tiled shirt, jeans and boots. They also match the biker style and some also fit together with a street style.

The viking jewelrys ends can be worn in any situation, with a professional look their discretion will not linger negative attention towards your hands and therefore will not affect poor judgment on the part of your managers and teammate. For the more massive viking rings, they go perfectly with the casual style. If you like to wear jeans with a trendy T-shirt or woolen shirt, your Viking rings won't look sleazy and give you unparalleled charisma. However, they are not suitable for a professional style. If you want to keep your Viking spirit in your 3-piece costume, we recommend cufflinks, a tie clip, a necklace or a Viking bracelet. You can also choose to hide them under your clothes, they will be invisible, but you will feel that they are with you.

On the other hand, all Viking rings are a perfect match for men tattooing. Viking and tattoo go hand in hand !


3- How many Viking rings to put on your hands?

One thing is certain: the more you put viking rings, at least it will go unnoticed. If you can wear a ring on each finger with a viking style very marked, for daily wear we recommend that you have 2 or 3 rings in all on both hands. No more ! An excess of ring in an unsuitable outfit may seem exaggerated or even ridiculous!

Conversely, the correct number of rings will add a touch of virility, a touch of Viking to your outfit. We advise you to alternate the viking jewelry: viking rings, viking bracelets and tattoos for a very stylish look!



In terms of the distribution, you can choose to put it on both hands or on just one. Traditionally, a right-hander favors rings on his left hand and a left-hander on his right hand.


The culture minute : The Christian division between Catholics and Orthodox has divided the hand of wearing alliances. Thus, some wear it on the right ring finger while others like in France wear it on the right ring finger.


4- In what sense to wear a Viking ring?


It's about  From a pure aesthetic point of view, you either choose to make it visible to others or it will be visible in the place for you. For the good reading of their styles, the majority of men wear their viking rings so that it is readable and recognizable by others. It is in the good perception of the ring of others that your viking style will take on its full meaning.


This is a rule that is completely different with Bikers who like to stand out from the crowd. So, if you like the biker style, especially with skull rings we advise you to go see our collection by clicking on the image at the bottom. We even published an article on how to choose your skull ring?


However, your ring can be more than just a fashion accessory and be of great sentimental value to you. In this case, it is quite legitimate to reach pointed towards oneself!


To sum up, we must choose your viking ring according to :

  • His tastes
  • His style more or less pronounced
  • The sentimental value of jewelry
  • Her clothing
  • Its accessory budget
  • Occasions when you want to wear the jewel
  • Jewelry you already have if you want to match them




If you are looking for viking rings or other styles of rings for men you fell well! Here at Rings Trends we offer a wide range of character rings for men in silver, steel or zinc alloy. There is something for all tastes and for all prices!